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North Beverly is, in reality, part of Auburn Gresham.  Auburn Gresham is one of the seventy-seven official City of Chicago neighborhoods. Urban legend has it that the former residents of this community preferred to be viewed as part of the more affluent Beverly community. It appears that they selected the title, "North Beverly" Civic Association  based on that preference.  

NBCA's goal is to partner with CAPS and CPD to improve personal safety and property security; obtain appropriate city services; facilitate interaction between residents and the business community; educate our citizens on their rights, obligations, and responsibilities; and work effectively with our neighborhood partners to enhance the quality of life in our community.

Board of Directors/Board Members

     President                  Ronald Browne
Vice President          Louis Hayes
    Treasurer                   Herrin Malone
    Secretary                  Kristin Perkins

Other Board Members
Rev. Kimberly Beal
Alfred Evans
Mildred Freeny
Isadore Glover
Andre Kitt
Carol Muhammad
Robin Randle

Marie Tyse

Committee Chairpersons

Neighborhood Improvement -  Louis Hayes

Community Liaison - Isadore Glover

Public Safety - Alfred Evans & Carol Muhammad

Membership - OPEN

Activities- OPEN

Our History

Although none of the original NBCA records can be located, anecdotal information tells us that the North Beverly Civic Association was established prior to the 1970s when the area was predominately made up of white residents.  As the neighborhood changed from a white community to one that was predominately black, members of the organization also changed to reflect the new demographic.

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