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  • Monthly Business Meetings                                 

  • Guest Speaker Series

  • Political Forums

  • Fund Raisers

  • Technology Training Program

  • Public Safety Updates

  • Senior Citizen Education Programs

  • National Night Out

  • Community Improvement Investigation

  • C.A.P.S Program

  • O'Hallaren Park Advisory Counsel


  • Activities: Develops, coordinates, and facilitates programs, events, meetings 

  • Membership:  Develops and maintains reasonable levels of membership through recruitment and membership drive events; assess member satisfaction and concerns; distribute meeting, program, and informational flyers

  • Neighborhood Improvement:  Takes note of conditions in and around the community that are a problem or need improvement (including, drug and gang activity) makes necessary referrals for police interventions, repairs, and replacements

  • Public Safety:  Identifies, gathers and disseminates information on criminal activity and effective crime prevention practices within NBCA boundaries; serves as Community Liaison.

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